Written by Tracey UberCook - Co-teacher for 'Mindful Seeds' Kids Yoga Training

We are born with an innate wisdom, and everything we need to know about loving and living is already within us from the time we are born.  The process of living, when guided accordingly, helps us to uncover, or “dis-cover” this inner wisdom through our experiences and how we react to them.

Kids are often the closest to this Source, however over the years through modern social conditioning we tend to ‘forget’ that this wisdom in in us… in fact, it IS us!  So the practice and training of Akhanda’s “Mindful Seeds” CYT course is aimed at reminding children that they know and allowing them to relax into the flow of life while fine-tuning the body through fun asana and games, and fine-tuning the energetic, emotional, and intuitive fields through simple breathing techniques, meditation, and total relaxation.

Today’s society is a busy one.  In my experience of teaching kids’ yoga classes, I have found that kids often crave inner and outer stillness because the external circumstances of their lives are so jam-packed with activity, thinking, and figuring things out.  The kids love asana and movement, but the question would ALWAYS arise, “When can we lie down and relax?”  With some soothing music, gentle words, a lavender eye-pillow, and the opportunity to be still on all levels, every single child stayed in Savasana, even after the final OM and their parents arrived to pick them up! Every time!

This combination of asana, breathing, meditation, and relaxation can be introduced very early in life to ensure that our inner knowing does not get so veiled by the egoic mind as it develops. By learning these techniques and really knowing who they are, children can easily rest playfully in a state of witnessing their own thoughts and emotions as they as they arise, while still feeling them all fully.  And then by creating a bit of space between those thoughts and the deeper knowing within themselves, their reactions to situations arise from that space of deeper wisdom.

Growing up with this awareness and having the tools to access it are extremely beneficial in helping kids to manage their thoughts and emotions as they develop, especially through their often challenging teenage years.

If you work with children or are a yoga teacher wishing to work with children, then come and do our three day Mindful Seeds Kids Yoga Teacher Training in December. The skills you will acquire will last a lifetime and the difference you will make to the lives of children, limitless. 

Play, Create, Move and plant Mindful Seeds.