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Heads up! $400 Early-bird discount for March YTT 2017: ends November 30th

200hr YTT | Intensive 4-week residential Yoga Teacher Training: $4,995 incl. accommodation and all meals
To create a community feeling, we do require that all students partake in Karma Yoga, which means everyone pitching in with basic jobs such as: cleaning their own dishes, maintain a tidy cabins, clearing away after meals and other simple things, such as sweeping and keeping the yoga studio tidy. 

200hr YTT | Intensive 4-week residential Yoga Teacher Training (camping option, tent or BYO camper): $4,500

Part-time module program, Yoga Teacher Training: $4,995 payable in sections before the modules, or $3,995 for full payment/early-bird/up-front.
The part-time program runs over 10 weekends (a total of 20 nights throughout the year) and includes all meals and weekend accommodation.
All programs require a $250 deposit at time of booking to secure placement.
Full fees are payable 3-weeks prior to course start date. Payment plans are available, contact Nick or Radha: or phone +61 (0) 420 542 267 for more information.

There are only 10 places available on any yoga teacher training, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've never done much yoga before, do I have to have a lot of Yoga experience to do this yoga teacher training?

We prefer people to have been practicing yoga regularly for a minimum of 6 months before embarking on our yoga teacher training. This helps in your basic understanding of the yoga poses (asanas), your familiarity with the sanskrit asana (posture) names and also, your body's health and feel for yoga.

We will be doing a lot of yoga over the duration of the teacher training, so your body will find it easier if there is a muscle memory and basic level of fitness. You do not need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to gain the knowledge we are taking you through on the course, although advanced practitioners will also enjoy this training.

Whatever level of yoga practitioner you are, there will be much knowledge and experiences to learn from and take away with you.

2. Can I teach Yoga after completing this 200-hr yoga teacher training?

 After completing the course you will be fully certified to teach yoga and more than this, the graduates leaving our yoga teacher training program are of a very high standard.

3. I have certain dietry requriements, do I have to bring my own food?  

The food at our yoga teacher training will be all vegetarian and we are able to accommodate people's individual dietary restrictions, should you have them.

4. I'm nervous about speaking in front of a group, will I be able to do this yoga teacher training course?

Part of the focus of the course is overcoming the fear of speaking in public or in front of a group. Radha Bradley, having had much experience in speaking in front of extremely large audiences will take you through different techniques to use your nerves to your advantage and right from day 1, you are practicing with each other on teaching yoga in a supported atmosphere.

5. I'm not really sure if I want to be a Yoga Teacher, can I still do this yoga teacher training?  

Whether you wish to go on to teach yoga or are simply doing the yoga teacher training as a way to deepen your practice and further your understanding of yoga, this training is an integral step on this journey of self discovery and path to true yoga.

Just know you are fully able to teach at the end of the training, whether you wish to pursue that path or simply use it as a tool for life.

6. Is Akhanda Yoga Australia registered with Yoga Alliance? And once I have finished my course, will I be recognised as a teacher by Yoga Alliance?

Yes, on both counts. Akhanda Yoga Australia is a Registered school and yoga Teacher Training course, registered with

7. Why is Akhanda Yoga Australia the best Yoga Teacher Training for me?

Akhanda Yoga Australia was founded by Nick & Radha Bradley, who have been collectively teaching yoga for over 30 years. Their Akhanda Gold Coast Yoga Teacher Training course had been called “an amazing yoga Teacher Training experience” and most practitioners leave the course with a high recommendation to other yoga future yoga teachers.

With many sought after Yoga Teachers coming out of their Yoga courses, Akhanda Yoga Australia offers a perfectly balanced experience and learning curriculum. While Yoga Asana (postures) techniques and teaching methodology are a key part of our Yoga Teacher Training the focus is spread across all aspects of the Yoga practise, including:

  • Pranayama (breath work)
  • Mantra (devotional chanting)
  • Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga Yoga Eight-fold Path)
  • Ayurveda, Yoga lifestyle
  • Physical Anatomy
  • Subtle Yoga Anatomy (chakras, nadis, energy work)
  • and more

8. What is Akhanda Yoga?

When practiced and understood holistically, yoga can bringing harmony and balance to our lives, families and society. ‪Akhanda Yoga‬ is a teaching approach that emphasises:

  • All of the directional movements of the spine ( exion, extension, lateral exion, rotation, grounding and elongating);
  • All of the stations (standing, crouching, sitting, laying on the belly, laying on the back, arm balances and inversions);
  • Yang and yin (effort and allowing; in postures, meditation, and life);
  • The diverse yoga techniques (āsana, pranayama, mantra, visualization, relaxation and meditation);
  • Philosophies of the wider yoga tradition (as a thematic thread that also helps guide the sequencing and dialogue for that class);
  • Cueing checkpoints for safety and allowing for inner inquiry (some element of body mechanics is needed for safety and increased body awareness; however, if we over-mechanise the postures, we limit the students’ freedom to explore the micro-movements they can make within the normal range, as well as to explore the subtle prana, and their own inner experience in any given moment).

9. What is it like at Akhanda Yoga Australia Teacher Trainings?

The accommodation is simple and clean, it is an ashram-style retreat centre. You will be sharing a space with other students, so please be respectful of their space, noise level and personal hygiene. The focus of the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training Retreat is a retreat from the everyday, like mobile phones/computers and other modern day things that distract us away from quiet contemplation and stillness. This allows the practitioner to focus on learning, a spiritual yoga journey inwards and focus on the essence of yoga.

Not to mentioned the paradise location in the foothills of Springbrook National Park. The property features acres of stunning bushland, a chlorine free swimming pool, a wood-fired sauna and a beautiful Yoga Studio overlooking the garden and native Australian rainforest.