The following Testimonials below are from our students who have graduated from our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Om Shanti


Radha, Sadashiv and Ujali made for such an amazing Yoga Teacher Training experience. They created a safe, supportive and peaceful space.
The training was highly educational, and the location was stunning. The type of yoga (Akhanda) is very powerful, due to its holistic nature.
— Marlee

Outside getting married, this yoga teacher training is the best thing I have done for myself. The level of support and knowledge is unsurpassed.
I highly recommend this training for anyone who is wanting to learn and deepen their yoga practice.

Thank you Guys, Hari Om
— Paul

I waited a long time to do my first Yoga Teacher Training, and Radha, Sadashiv and Ujali offered THE most comprehensive, supportive, balanced, beautiful training I could have hoped for.
I would HIGHLY recommend this teacher training to anyone looking to go deeper within themselves, their personal journey, and/or to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to teach traditional, safe, holistic yoga to others. Thank you so so much you guys, much love.
— Kirsty

Training with Akhanda Yoga Australia was a transformative experience for me. I cannot imagine a yoga teacher training experience more valuable. The teachers Radha and Sadashiv are absolutely amazing.
I trained with an awesome group of people and the synergy of everyone together studying, teaching, practicing yoga created this really beautiful vibe that inspired growth and self- exploration. The groups are so small you will become an instant family and learn more about your self than you ever thought possible.
It’s been a few months since training and I am happier, more serene, and more enthusiastic about life than ever. I highly suggest this training even to those who don’t want to teach!
— Anya

I had the most wonderful month learning about the science and philosophy behind Akhanda yoga.
I must say that Sadashiv, Radha and Ujali were three of the most knowledgable, open, kind and considerate teachers that I could have hoped for.
They created an amazingly safe space for all of us yoga trainees and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to spend a month training to be a teacher at Akhanda Yoga.

I would recommend it to anyone.
— Rosie

Nick + Radha’s Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training course has changed my life in such a positive way. As teacher’s they have such a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of yoga and not only that, what they teach is a direct reflection of them as people. They live what the teach and it is inspiring to see and I feel blessed to know them.
If I could do the course all over again, I would. Highly recommended to any yoga practitioner, even those not planning on teaching. Thankyou both. xxx
— Michelle

Thank you Sadashiv & Radha for this incredible experience! The Akhanda Yoga Teacher training is more than just your average teacher training, it truly is a beautiful journey, showing you to a world of traditional teachings and yogic philosophies. If you are wanting to go down the path of becoming a yoga teacher or looking to deepen your own personal practice, then I truly recommend on embarking on one of their trainings. Thank you to you both for all your guidance during and after the training. Om Shanti xxxx
— Kirby
I couldn’t be more grateful to Nick Sadashiv and Radha for holding such an amazing and awakening space for my Akhanda teacher training with them in 2013.
Their combined nurturing energies, yogic dedication and depth of knowledge created an enriching foundation from which I felt easily encouraged to meet my potential and long standing goals, even outside of the course.
They practice and teach yoga with a beautifully holistic approach, which allowed each of us to feel comfortable expressing our prior learnings and assisted in integrating them with the new knowledge and philosophy.
On completion of the course, an unexpected and inviting window of opportunity opened up to me to teach at their Yoga Studio.
I feel so blessed to have been offered that and now I’m inspired to further my studies with Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh with their guru, Vishva! ...
Warmth, love and gratitude
— Charlotte

The Akhanda Yoga Teacher training at Akhanda Yoga Australia is facilitated by Sadahiv, Radha and Ujali was a deepening and transformative experience for me.
A nurturing, safe environment is provided for immersion into the eight limbs of yoga.
If you are considering taking that step on the path to becoming a yoga teacher or looking for a way to deepen your personal yoga experience, then I would highly recommend this training.
Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Yogic philosophy all brought together in a holistic paradigm that is Akhanda Yoga, a traditional lineage handed down through Yogrishi Vishvketu from Rishikesh.
It will open your heart and mind as it has mine. Om Shanti
— Tony

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