'Mindful Seeds' Kids Yoga Teacher Training | The young are the promise of tomorrow

DATE:  Part 1: July 21st - 23rd, 2017    

With 'Mindful Seeds' Kids Yoga, we can bring these beautiful beings into greater awareness of all that they are and allow them to embrace all that they can be. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of our energies and moving calmly throughout the day.

What do we do? And what you will learn.
Through the beautiful play of Yoga, we explore children's imaginations and cultivate the mind/body connection. Here, their motor skills are refined and strengthened through moving the spine in all directions, balance, strength and stretching. For their minds, we are using creativity, imagery and play, followed by deep relaxation and an experience of meditation. We are looking at all children 0-15 in age groupings. We will learn age appropriate lesson plans and activities, yoga postures, games and meditations. We also look at transformational experiences, how to conduct them and look at how they can be used to bring greater awareness to all. The tools you will learn can be integrated into your daycare setting, school classroom, your home life or your yoga studio. 

What are the Benefits?
All children benefit from this beautiful practice and become more in touch with themselves, their bodies and their emotions. Focus becomes easier and they experience greater concentration and communication. Anxiety is reduced and positive social skills are enhanced. For younger children, the world has so much to explore and it's hard sometimes to harness our emotions or handle some of the big changes we are experiencing in or around us. The integration of breath and body increases connection on all levels.
For older children reaching or going through puberty, there is often an experience of disconnection to our bodies, whilst emotions and mental states are in over drive. Bringing it all back together and becoming "Awake" and centred in the whole being, brings stability and encourages more caring attitudes towards ourselves and therefore those around us. Through Yoga we are building confidence and compassion.

Who can take the Kids Yoga Teacher Training?
You can do this training if you are a parent, teacher, youth worker, yoga teacher and just want to enhance your skills in working with children. 



Part 1 -

  • Here you will learn the benefits of children yoga. 
  • How to structure a yoga session of 10, 15 and  30 minute sessions.
  • Sequencing for a yoga session
  • transformational experiences for children
  • meditations for children
  • deep relaxations for children
  • mantras for children
  • storytelling through yoga
  • breathing techniques and mindfulness practice
  • Leading a class - breaking it down into sections
  • How to inspire on an emotional and physical level
  • workshopping all these tools
  • Tools for classroom management
  • Yoga warm ups and yoga games   


Testimonial - 

I first attended the Akhanda Yoga with studio with Radha in 2016 for the children’s yoga and meditation 3 day retreat. It is a decision I will never regret. The 3 days away from my family was repaid many times over with the relaxation and rejuvenation of the retreat but more so due to the knowledge, inspiration and understanding I took away with me to implement not only professionally, not only as a mum but also personally for myself. Since attending the retreat my lifestyle, calmness and overall happiness has changed and I have obtained a healthier work/life balance....and I thought it was just to learn how to assist the children! We also had several staff attend the retreat and their feedback has been wonderful, the retreat enriched their lives and the children they work with. In 2017 I returned to Akhanda Yoga for a 1 day retreat with my husband. This time Radha and Nick took us through a incredible day of varied yoga which was interesting and physical and again allowed me to extend both my yoga knowledge and personal development. I have to say though my favourite aspect of both retreats has been the wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, the amazing food, great company and loving energy of everyone who attends.
— Katrina Pridmore - Director, Tree of Life Child Care

Your Teachers
Radha Rani Bradley E-RYT 500 | Radha is a Yoga Teacher Trainer, Co-founder of Akhanda Yoga Australia, Children's Entertainer for over a decade and kids yoga teacher, she is also a dedicated Mother of two. Radha has also spent time teaching Kids Yoga to Primary School educator trainees at SCU (Southern Cross University). 

Tracey Uber-Cook | Tracey is a dedicated mother of two, and her playful teaching style is anchored in the ancient traditions of hatha yoga, yoga nidra, tantric and vedantic philosophies, as well as guided pranic awareness and movement, and drawing from the rich and subtle healing qualities of the natural elements around us. Tracey holds the deepest reverence and gratitude for the greatest teacher of all: the gift of Life and brings to this training the exceptional gift of transformational experiences to take children into a deeper place of awareness and balance. During her time in Thailand, Tracey taught Kids Yoga classes for 2 years in Koh Tao at Shambala and weekly classes at the Koh Tao Playskool. She now teaches in Townsville in a program called Yoga Tools for Schools.


$750* Full Price

$575* Early Bird Price (book by May 28th)

* Akhanda Yoga Australia Teachers receive a 10% discount on any additional training course. Accommodation is available but limited so please contact us early to let us know if you need accommodation.

  • 'Mindful Seeds' Kids Yoga training accommodation - $125 incl all meals